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Live Eat Play Nashville Water Project. Building wells through community support

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Live Eat Play Nashville and Atlanta Magician Create Free Magic Show

to Build Wells and Bring Joy

“A Drop in a Bucket - You Can Make Magic” will build wells with one dollar donations while providing a magical night of entertainment

Nashville TN, October 1, 2020: Right now, we need joy. We are desperately missing all that comes with gathering together and experiencing the joy of connection and the delight that only live entertainment can bring. But the truth is, to be in a place to even begin to feel that need is a privilege. Because, to be able to feel that need is a direct indication that all of our other true needs are taken care of. We are safe, we are fed, we have housing, we have water to drink. Around the world, so many don’t have their true needs taken care of. Sandy Ziegler, a commercial real estate agent with Westgate Enterprises, and owner of Live Eat Play Nashville, decided to do something about both. Working with Atlanta-based magician Joe M. Turner, Ziegler has created a hybrid live/Zoom/live stream event that will build wells and provide water to communities in Third World nations through the organization Charity: Water, while giving everybody in the greater Atlanta and Nashville areas, and even around the world, the opportunity to attend a free magic show. On October 25 at 5:30 PM, on the Live Eat Play Nashville Facebook page, “A Drop In a Bucket - You Can Make Magic” —a completely free, hour-long magic show will be live streamed. The only ask, but not a requirement, is that individuals donate just one dollar to Charity: Water. With over five million people in the greater Atlanta area, over 1 million in the greater Nashville area, and with one well costing just $10,000 to build, the number of wells that we could build together, with just one dollar, is extraordinary. 


This event will coincide with National Magic Week and Halloween. Even if Halloween is canceled this year, families will have an opportunity to gather together for a special evening of fun. The last week of October is National Magic Week in honor of the anniversary of Houdini’s death. This event will kick off both of those celebrations in the greater Atlanta and Nashville areas. The show will be hosted at a live venue for a small group of viewers as well as being streamed over Zoom for a select group of viewers, and also being live streamed on Facebook so that anybody, anywhere can watch it. Approximately 80 Zoom links will be given away to viewers who would like to have direct interaction with the magician. Everybody in Atlanta, Nashville, and even around the world, is invited to participate in this great event.


Everything required to pull this event together is being entirely donated by local businesses, so that all donations will be going directly to Charity: Water. Live Eat Play Nashville will be donating the event planning and advertising, and Joe M. Turner Magic will be donating his time and talents to make this event possible. Other corporate donors to this event include Party Fowl, and Kiersten Ziegler Designs. Additionally, Charity: Water’s administrative costs are covered by a corporate donor, so that every dollar that is collected will go directly toward building wells and not toward running the business. Your dollar will make a difference.


When Ziegler created Live Eat Play Nashville, she wanted to use the business to make a difference in the world. Her first project idea was to create a well-building campaign. When she met Turner, the opportunity to pivot it from a static donation campaign to something really dynamic started to unfold in her mind. “I knew that we could do something really exciting and help a lot of people at the same time. Imagine what just one dollar can do when all of Atlanta, Nashville, and even beyond, makes that donation. So many times, we feel like we can’t do enough when problems seem overwhelming, so we end up doing nothing. This is the opportunity to do so much with so little…together. So many people around the world don’t even have their basic needs met, but we can make a huge difference in their lives while having a great evening of much-needed fun!”


For more information about the “A Drop in a Bucket - You Can Make Magic” event or to donate please visit for more details and a link to donate directly to Charity: Water.



About Live Eat Play Nashville:

Live Eat Play Nashville is a one-stop resource of information about the greater Nashville area. People can find information about real estate, restaurants, services, home contractors, and more. It’s a great resource whether you’re moving to the Nashville area for the first time, visiting the area, or even if you’ve been here your whole life. You’ll find information about restaurant food grades, utility providers in your city, and information about local businesses. Live Eat Play Nashville also has a “Getaways” tab for those who are planning trips to Atlanta, The Smoky Mountains, or other vacation destinations. For more information visit


About Turner Magic:

Joe M. Turner is a professional speaker, mentalist, and magician based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is recommended by the The New York Times. A brand engagement and audience impact specialist, he creates customized corporate magic presentations and keynotes for promotional, motivational, and entertainment events in the United States and around the world. Turner has entertained prominent elected officials, sports figures, corporate leaders and other celebrities. He has been featured in numerous television, radio and print appearances, including Good Morning America, Nightline, and a highly-rated feature on CNN Headline News. For more information visit


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