Sandy Ziegler

Sandy has her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and is a licensed real estate agent, providing commercial real estate services through Westgate Enterprises, Inc. Sandy has over 12 years of experience helping small business owners market their businesses using digital media, driving SEO to organic page 1 Google results, and getting their stories onto major news outlets in the greater Los Angeles area. 


After two cross-country moves brought Sandy's family to the Nashville area, she decided to put all of the information that she had utilized to get settled into the area onto one website. Now, those who are living in, moving to, or visiting Nashville can find all the information that they need to get to know their community, find local businesses, service providers, utility providers, and fun things to do in one place. 


Sandy has a wide variety of diverse entrepreneurial forays including some time as a professional actress, dancer, singer, and voice over artist, and if you look hard enough while watching reruns on Netflix, you might just see her in The Office, Hannah Montana, National Treasure, or other popular shows. 


Sandy excels in research, customer service, creating business systems and structures, attention to detail, thinking outside the box for her clients, and communication. Building relationships and networking are a strong priority and create opportunities for clients that go beyond what can be found through typical sources. Sandy has vision and determination and enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their goals.