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Changes At Costco Due to COVID-19 Could Affect Those With Children

April 6, 2020, Nashville TN:

Nashville residents who have a Costco membership should be aware of a change that was implemented at the store this past weekend. In an attempt at keeping total number of customers in the store at one time to a minimum and implementing social distancing policies, Costco announced this weekend that no more than two people per membership will be allowed in the store at one time.

This includes small children riding in the basket. Parents of small children should be aware that their child counts as one of the two people allowed in the warehouse. For single parents of more than one child, or families where one parent is ill or working, this could present some significant challenges, especially if, due to social distancing, or other complications, there is no one else available to attend to small children at home. Parents are advised to plan ahead and be aware so that they are able to enter the store when they arrive.

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