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Free Roof Tune-Ups Offered by Local Nashville Roofing Company

Nashville, TN - One of the most expensive challenges that homeowners face in Tennessee is roof damage that can occur with the many storms that blow through the area. Damage to the home can quickly add up if roofing issues are not discovered and repaired. The importance of hiring the right roofing contractor to perform these repairs and replacements becomes painfully evident when homeowners cut corners in an attempt to cut costs, and end up with additional damage, or having to replace their roofs again in a much shorter time than they should have to. Local company, Roofsmith Restoration, is dedicated to solving these roofing problems by empowering homeowners to get their damaged roof paid for by their insurance companies and installing a guaranteed lifetime roof system.

Roofsmith Restoration has been operating in Ohio since 2009, and when owner, Joe Hardy, wanted to move to Tennessee to be closer to family, it was the perfect opportunity to bring the business to the Nashville area. The business’ core values of servanthood, professionalism, accountability, positivity, and fun, and its mission to add value by empowering property owners to get their damaged roof paid for by their insurance company is designed to create an excellent experience for its customers as well as its employees. Roofsmith Restoration has a 93 percent homeowner recommendation rating, and has received the 2020 Service Excellence Award from Owens-Corning. Additionally, in 2020, they received the #1 top performer MVP Award from Owens-Corning. They are licensed, bonded, and insured and are a Platinum contractor with Owens-Corning. They offer a lifetime warranty on every roof that they install that is transferrable to the next homeowner. Roofsmith Restoration achieved these high honors by separating themselves from their competition by:

  • Using six nails per shingle which greatly increases the wind resistance. Most roofers use four nails

  • Using ring shank nails that actually grip the wood, while most roofers use smooth nails that can pop back out over time

  • Offering ice and water shield on the edges of the roof to protect from ice that can build up during harsh winters

  • Replacing flashings instead of reusing them

  • Installing baffled ridge vent, which is the latest technology in maximizing air flow through the attic

Roofsmith Restoration offers homeowners these tips for roof maintenance.

  • Check your ceilings regularly for dampness and stains, especially near chimneys, skylights, and bathrooms where your plumbing stacks vent through the roof.

  • Check for irregularities on the roof by walking around the perimeter of your home.

  • Check for shingle granules in your gutters, it could be an indication of a problem

  • Look for cracked or curling shingles, these should be addressed immediately

  • Shingles that are lifted up should be fixed immediately

  • All homeowners should get a roof tune-up once every three years

  • Once your roof is 12 years old, you should have a roof tune-up every 12 months

Following these guidelines will allow you to extend the life of your roof between 5-10 years.

Roofsmith Restoration is currently offering a one-time free roof tune-up to Live Eat Play Nashville customers, just for mentioning their ad. This service normally costs $199, and has a value of up to $500, but is available to you just for letting them know that you saw their ad on Live Eat Play Nashville. You can check it out on the “Home Contractors” page under any county, just look for “Roofers.”

To discuss getting your roof damage paid for by your insurance company, or to take advantage of the free roof tune-up offer, call Joe Hardy at (615) 815-7335 or email at

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